Grape color red 6, Esential oil 5, Alcoholethic 95,

Cimethyl carbonate, Cellulose, Citic, Sodium benzoate.


Our flavorings

Here we will talk about the ingredients that add flavor to our creations such as flavorings.

These are made with substances extracted from nature or edible artificial substances, and these impact on our senses such as smell and taste.

In a professional or amateur kitchen, flavorings are essential since they are used to give a dessert or a food such as cakes, tarts, cupcakes, macaroons, ice creams, etc., a specific smell or flavor.

It is always important to remember that although our cake or dessert may look incredible, the flavor is the one that has the last word. Let’s keep in mind that when a good flavor hits the taste, it stays in our minds forever.

Get to know our flavorings and leave that flavor stay in their mind and heart forever.