Ingredients: Water, Sugar, May contain one or more

of the following U.S certified color(Red, Yellow, Blue)

or (Titanium Dioxide), modified corn starch, vegetable gum

citric acid, and less than 1/10 of 1% sodium benzoate and

potassium sorbate (as preservatives).


Food coloring is a product that allows you to enhance or change the color of your pastry creations such as fondant, buttercream and in general any dough without modifying its texture or consistency.

So far I have not really known a project for which the gel coloring does not work, since what characterizes it is its versatility, because as mentioned above it can be used on fondant, buttercream and directly on the cake mix, not counting that you can make decorations like in watercolor.

Gel colors are the most popular in the world of confectionery for a simple reason and that is that they do not alter the consistency of your creation, they provide color with just few drops and can be used on any type of frosting or dough.

They are very easy to use and very convenient, in consistency they are a middle point between liquid colorants and colorpaste.

They are synthetic colorants that contain water, glycerin and / or corn syrup.
Generally, its presentation is in small bottles that you have to press and from which the colorant drops in a dropper and that contain a thick liquid similar to a gel.
To use it, the colorant is dropped by drops, but since it is very concentrated you must start little by little, that is a plus point because for being concentrated it requires less quantity, so it does not affect the consistency or the flavor.